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 NameTool IdCategoryTool rateManufacturerModel
View 4-point probe - CMT-SR2000N103MetrologyBAITCMT-SR2000N
View ALD - Oxford FlexAl445Plasma depositionCOxford InstrumentsFlexAl
View Aligning and Assembling Machine509Other processesBCiposa SASwitzerland
View Buffing machine507Other processesCLC-tec AB?
View Chemical preparation -Acid1309Wet process benchesA00
View Chemical preparation-Solvent1302Wet process benchesAStangl-
View Cleaning-solvents1002Wet process benchesAStanglWetbench/Fumehood
View CMP Lapping/Polishing - Logitech PM5-11006Other processesCLogitechPM5
View CMP Lapping/Polishing - Logitech PM5-21007Other processesCLogitechPM5
View Critical Point Dryer1170Other processesB??
View CVD - Aixtron - CNT440Thin film depositionCAixtronBlack Magic 2-inch
View CVD - Aixtron - Graphene1443Thin film depositionCAixtronBM HT Pro
View CVD - MTI - CNT1451Thin film depositionBMTI-
View CVD - MTI - Graphene1446Thin film depositionBMTI CorporationOTF-1200X-4-II-C4OV-SL
View Developer baths208Wet process benchesAStanglStangl
View Developer baths, Microwave line532Wet process benchesAPM-plastWet bench
View Developer baths, Microwave line533Wet process benchesAPM-plastWet bench
View Developer bench III/V area627Wet process benchesAStangl627
View Developer spinner BLE De204Wet process benchesABLE-
View Dicing saw - Disco DAD33501011SawingCDiscoDAD3350
View Dicing saw - Loadpoint Microace 3+1008SawingCLoadpointMicroace 3+
View DUV Flood exposure261LithographyBBachur & AssociatesLS 150X-5C2 500W
View EBL - JEOL JBX-9300FS217LithographyEJEOL Ltd.JBX9300FS
View EBL - Raith EBPG 5200215LithographyERaithEBPG 5200
View EBL pre-alignment microscope PAMS-1101242Device mountingAChalmers MC2PAMS 0401
View Electroplating- Acid 621Wet process benchesBStangl621
View Ellipsometer - J.A. Woollam M2000112MetrologyCJ.A. WoollamM2000
View Ellipsometer - Sagax Isoscope104MetrologyBSagaxIsoscope
View Evaporator - AVAC HVC600420Thin film depositionCAVACHVC600
View Evaporator - Edwards HPTS 425Thin film depositionCEdwardsAuto 306
View Evaporator - Lesker Nano Cr455Thin film depositionBLeskerNano36
View Evaporator - Lesker Spectros434Thin film depositionDLeskerSpectros
View Evaporator - Opto408Thin film depositionCChalmersEva
View Evaporator - Plassys521Thin film depositionDPlassysMEB 550 S
View Evaporator - Varian VT 118 UHV406Thin film depositionCVarianVT 118 UHV
View Evaporator Lesker #1451Thin film depositionDLeskerPVD 225
View Evaporator Lesker #2452Thin film depositionDLeskerPVD 225
View Fume hood - Acid236Wet process benchesAStangl236
View Fume hood - HF656Wet process benchesAStangl656
View Furnace - BCB cure436Thermal processesABarnstead Thermolyne47900
View Furnace - Centrotherm #1.1 Oxidation (restricted)7071Thermal processesBCentrothermDry oxidation
View Furnace - Centrotherm #1.2 Wet & dry oxidation (public)7072Thermal processesBCentrothermWet oxidation
View Furnace - Centrotherm #1.3 Wet & dry oxidation7073Thermal processesBCentrothermWet oxidation
View Furnace - Centrotherm #3.1 Al anneal7051Thermal processesBCentrothermAl anneal
View Furnace - Centrotherm #3.2 Au anneal7052Thermal processesBCentrothermAu anneal
View Furnace - Centrotherm #3.3 Hi temp anneal7053Thermal processesBCentrothermHi temp anneal
View Furnace - Centrotherm #4.3 LPCVD - SiN7083Thermal processesCCentrothermLPCVD Furnace
View Furnace - Graphene SiC 1449Thermal processesBGraphensic-
View Furnace -High temperature - Thermolyne713Thermal processesBAcrosysThermolyne- M. 59340
View Furnace-oxidation411Other processesCChalmersFurnace for III/V materials
View GenISys BEAMER1410LithographyAGenISys GmbHProximity Correction
View GenISys LAB1411LithographyAGenIsysLAB simulation package
View Glue Dispensing System 515Other processesBAsymptek402
View High Temperature Furnace1012Thermal processesALentonAWF 12/65
View HMDS Hotplate and ovens260Wet process benchesAStanglStangl
View Hot bath & Acid work623Wet process benchesAStanglStangl
View Hot Plate III/V area629Sample prepASolar-semi gmbHQS-H-200BM
View Hot plate& development253Wet process benchesAStangl + BLEWetbench
View Hot plates, Microwave line535Wet process benchesAPM-plastWet bench
View Hotplate triple for SU8/BCB247LithographyAWenescoCustom
View Ion Beam Milling System -CAIBE Oxford Ionfab417Dry etchingCOxford Plasma TechnologyIonfab 300
View Ion Beam Milling System -CAIBE Oxford Ionfab 300 Plus416Dry etchingDOxfordIonfab 300 Plus
View IR Wafer Inspection System127MetrologyA--
View IXRF SDD EDX117MetrologyBIXRF-
View Laser writer DWL 2000262LithographyDHeidelberg InstrumentsDWL 2000
View Liftoff & Solvent work624Wet process benchesAStanglWetbench
View Mask aligner - Canon PPC-2101117LithographyCCanonPPC-210
View Mask aligner - KS MA/BA 6, #1205LithographyCSuss MicroTecMA/BA 6
View Mask aligner - KS MA/BA 6, #2213LithographyCSuss MicroTecMA6
View Mask aligner - KS MJB2222LithographyCKarl SussMJB2
View Mask aligner - KS MJB3-DUV224LithographyCKarl SussMJB3 DUV
View Mask aligner - KS MJB3-UV 400210LithographyCKarl SussMJB3
View Mask aligner - KS MJB3-UV 400268LithographyCKarl SussMJB3
View MBE-system - EPI 930806EpitaxyEMBEEPI 930
View MBE-system Riber808EpitaxyERiberCompact 21 T-E Cluster
View Megasonic bath and Solvent work628Wet process benchesAStangl628
View MgB2 CVD1165Thin film depositionCChalmers-
View Microscope - Olympus BX511113MetrologyAOlympusBX51
View Microscope - Olympus MX40635MetrologyAOlympusMX40
View Microscope - Olympus MX40 - III/V area630MetrologyAOlympusMX40
View Microscope - Olympus MX40 - Silicon area102MetrologyAOlympusMX40
View Microscope - Olympus MX50 - III/V area106MetrologyAOlympusMX50
View Microscope - Olympus MX50 - Metrology area125MetrologyAOlympusMX50
View Microscope - Olympus MX50 - Nano area266MetrologyAOlympusMX50
View Microscope - Olympus MX50 - Nano area243MetrologyAOlympusMX50
View Microscope stereo - Olympus SZH-10126MetrologyAOlympusSZH-10
View Microscope stereo - Olympus SZX-12638MetrologyAOlympusSZX-12
View Microscope stereo - Olympus SZX-91010MetrologyAOlympusSZX-9
View Microscope stereo - Olympus SZX-9244MetrologyAOlympusSZX-9
View Nanoimprint CNI265LithographyBNilTCNI
View Offline analysis(SPM/AutoCAD)140Other processesBHP140
View Ovens for Solid Dopant Sources1114Other processesC--
View Ozone Cleaning System FHR UVOH 150229Other processesBFHR Anlagenbau GmbHUVOH 150
View Ozone Cleaning System Novascan130Other processesBNovascanPSD-UVT
View Panalytical X'Pert PRO MRD Diffractometer121MetrologyCPanalyticalX'Pert PRO MRD
View Parameter Analyzer - Keithley 4200-SCS123MetrologyBKeithley4200-SCS
View PECVD - STS303Plasma depositionCSTSPECVD
View Photolithography Stepper - ASML PAS 2500201LithographyDASMLPAS 2500
View Photolithography Stepper - Canon i-line202LithographyDCanonFPA 3000-i4
View Piranha Cleaning - Acid238Wet process benchesAPM-plastWet bench
View Plasma etch - Plasma Therm BatchTop RIE (O2)422Dry etchingCPlasma ThermBatchTop RIE
View Plasma etch - Plasma Therm BatchTop RIE m/91418Dry etchingCPlasmaTherm/Advanced VacuumBatchtop m/91
View Plasma etch - STS ICP305Dry etchingDSTSICP MPX
View Plasma etch - STS ICP (Si-etch)307Dry etchingDSTSSTS ICP
View Plasma etch- Plasma Therm BatchTop PE/RIE m/95419Dry etchingCPlasmathermBatchTop m/95
View Plasma etch-RIBE Ion beam System - Oxford Ionfab 300412Dry etchingCOxford Plasma TechnologyIonfab 300
View Plasma etch-RIE/CVD - Oxford Plasmalab System 100404Dry etchingDOxford Plasma TechnologyPlasmalab 100 ICP180
View Plasma etch-RIE/ICP - Oxford PlasmaPro 100405Dry etchingCOxford InstrumentsPlasmaPro 100 Cobra ICP 180
View Plasma Strip - TePla 300PC228Dry etchingCTePla AG300PC
View Polishing preparation1001Wet process benchesAStangl1001
View PPMS122MetrologyCQuantum DesignPPMS 14T
View Proxecco proximity correction software1400LithographyBPDF Solutions GmBHProxecco-7.0
View Pulsed Laser Deposition - Calas System11411Thin film depositionCChalmers/Staffan PehrsonGeneration III
View Pulsed Laser Deposition - Carbon System11413Thin film depositionCChalmers-
View Pulsed Laser Deposition - Compex 1101140Thin film depositionCLambda-PhysikCompex 110
View Pulsed Laser Deposition - Compex 2051141Thin film depositionCLambda-PhysikCompex 205
View Pulsed Laser Deposition - DCA UHV1142Thin film depositionCDCA InstrumentsUHV PLD
View Pulsed Laser Deposition - RHEED system11412Thin film depositionCChalmers/TSSTHigh pressure RHEED
View Pulsed Laser Deposition - Small System 11401Thin film depositionCChalmers/Staffan PehrsonGeneration I
View Pulsed Laser Deposition - Twin System11402Thin film depositionCChalmers/Staffan PehrsonGeneration II
View Quartz tube cleaner601Wet process benchesA--
View Quartz tube stocker661Wet process benchesBStanglQuartz tube stocker
View Raman microscope128MetrologyBHoribaXploRA
View Resist Development1118Wet process benchesAStanglWetbench
View Resist development256Wet process benchesAStanglWetbench
View Resist remover-Solvent655Wet process benchesAStangl655
View RPECVD reactor1127Plasma depositionCDCA?
View RTA Opto410Thermal processesCChalmersOpto
View RTP - AccuThermo AW610431Thermal processesCAllwin21AccuThermo AW610
View RTP - AccuThermo AW610433Thermal processesCAllwin21AccuThermo AW610
View RTP - JIPELEC JetFirst 100435Thermal processesCJIPELECJetFirst 100
View RTP - JIPELEC JetFirst 200437Thermal processesCJIPELECJetFirst 200
View RTP - STEAG SHS 100M402Thermal processesCSteagSHS 100M
View Scriber (Hard materials)1009SawingA--
View Scriber (Soft materials)413SawingA--
View Scriber breaker1013SawingBLoomisLSD-100
View SCS Parylene coater1180Thin film depositionASCSPDS 2010 Labcoter
View SEM - JEOL JSM-6301F110MetrologyCJEOL Ltd.JSM6301F
View SEM - Zeiss Supra 60 VP (IXRF EDX)116MetrologyCZeissSupra 60 VP
View SEM Zeiss Supra 55115MetrologyCZeissSupra 55 VP
View Silicon work-Acid work1110Wet process benchesAStangl1110
View Silicon work-Acids653Wet process benchesAStangl1940-40
View Silicon work-Acids654Wet process benchesAStangl654
View Silicon work-Solvents1112Wet process benchesAStanglM
View Silicon work-Wafer cleaning (SC1/SC2)651Wet process benchesBStangl651
View Solvent work625Wet process benchesAStangl625
View Solvent work622Wet process benchesAStangl622
View Spinner - BLE, III/V and nano218Wet process benchesABLEBLE
View Spinner - Headway, PL21116Wet process benchesAHeadway1116
View Spinner - Suss LabSpin, Silicon area214LithographyASussLabSpin
View Spinner - Suss RCD8, LCD area209LithographyCSussRCD8
View Spinner & HMDS, Microwave line534Wet process benchesAPM-plastWet bench
View Spinner and high temperature hotplates255Wet process benchesASuss Microtech-
View Spinner and hotplates, unconventional resists251Wet process benchesALaurell + BLEWS-400B-6NPP-LITE-IND + Delta200_Hotplates
View Spinner and low temperature hotplates219Wet process benchesASuss Microtech-
View Spinner BLE and Vacuum oven501Wet process benchesAStangl#501
View Spinner Suss LabSpin6 III/V area220Wet process benchesASuss Microtech-
View SPM - Bruker Dimension 3100 SPM132MetrologyCBrukerDimension 3100 SPM
View SPM - Bruker Dimension ICON SPM134MetrologyCBrukerDimension ICON
View Sputter - AJA 3460427Thin film depositionDAJA InternationalAJA Orion 6-UD
View Sputter - Balzers PLS 550407Thin film depositionCBalzers/PfeifferPLS 550
View Sputter - DCA Ferroelectrics428Thin film depositionDDCAMTD 620
View Sputter - DCA Metal 1144Thin film depositionDDCAMTD 450
View Sputter - DCA Oxide1143Thin film depositionDDCAMTD 450
View Sputter - FHR MS150400Thin film depositionDFHRMS150
View Sputter - NORDIKO 2000401Thin film depositionBNordiko2000
View Sputter - Pfeiffer SLS426Thin film depositionCPfeiffer VacuumSLS-630G "Spider"
View Substrate bonder - Suss SB6269Other processesC--
View Surface Profiler, Dektak240MetrologyBVeecoVeeco Dektak D150
View Surface profiler, optical - Wyko NT 1100114MetrologyCVeecoNT 1100
View Surface profiler, stylus - Tencor AS500230MetrologyBTencorAS500
View Surface profiler, stylus - Tencor AS500 MEL232MetrologyBKLA TencorAS500
View Surface profiler, stylus - Tencor P15108MetrologyBKLA TencorP-15
View Ultrasonic & solvent work620Wet process benchesAStanglStangl
View Ultrasonic bath, Microwave line531Wet process benchesAPM-plastWet bench
View UV- illumination box511Other processesASolectro AB??
View Vacuum oven1175Thermal processesAFischer Scientific282A
View Vacuum oven-LCD500Thermal processesAHereaus#500
View Vacuum package510Other processesAMultivac509.5
View Vacuum Sealer540Other processesAAirZeroAZ-450
View Wafer cleaning-silicon1109Wet process benchesAStangl1109
View Wafer Expander1017SawingADynatexDXE Wafer Expander
View Wash-up - Fume hood & lab dishwasher 234Wet process benchesAStangleWetbench
View Wash-up - Fume hood (Acid) III/V and nano660Wet process benchesAStangl660
View Wash-up - PLD target polishing659Wet process benchesAStangl659
View Wet Bench - Acid & Base - Al-etch bath652Wet process benchesAStangl652
View Wet Bench - Acid & Base - BOE bath657Wet process benchesAStangl657
View Wet etch and Remover for mask cleaning505Wet process benchesAStangl505
View Wet etch KOH609Wet process benchesAStanglStangl
View Wet etch TMAH608Wet process benchesAStanglStangl
View X-ray Diffractometer120MetrologyCPhilipsX'Pert
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