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Nikon L200ND motorized optical microscope with laser autofocus

The Nikon L200ND features encoder-feedback motorized stage in X, Y, and Z. A laser autofocus unit using 850 nm light can automatically maintain focus over the sample. The microscope features a high-perfomance camera for high-resolution low-noise imaging.

Microscope body:
  Nikon L200ND
  6-position motorized nosepiece
  Reflected light brightfield
  Reflected light darkfield
  Transmitted light

Optical objectives:
  1x, NA = 0.03, WD = 3.8 mm
  2.5x, NA = 0.075, WD = 6.5 mm
  5x, NA = 0.15, WD = 18 mm
  20x, NA = 0.45, WD = 4.5 mm
  50x, NA = 0.80, WD = 1 mm
  100x, NA = 0.90, WD = 1 mm

  Nikon DS-Ri2, F-mount high-performance color camera
  Max resolution: 4908 x 3264 pixels (16.25 MP)
  6 fps at max resolution
  3x3 binning mode resolution: 1636 x 1088 pixels (1.8 MP)
  45 fps at 3x3 binning

Stage and focusing unit:
  255 mm x 215 mm motorized stage, 2 mm pitch ball screw and 200-step motors
  Encoder feedback with 0.1 um linear encoders
  Rotatable wafer chuck for up to 200 mm wafers
  100 mm x 100 mm glass plate for transmitted light
  Motorized Z drive for sub-100 nm focusing precision
  Laser autofocus unit with 850 nm laser, with offset lens, fast focusing, and adjustable laser power

  NIS-A 6D: module for 6D acquisition and image stitching
  NIS-A EDF: module for extended depth of focus (Z-stacking)
  NIS-A Bundle JOBS: programming interface for automated control
  Software autofocus

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Microscope Automatic - Nikon L200ND
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