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Tool #407 – Balzers/Pfeiffer PLS 500 Sputter A load-lock sputter down tool for pure materials with four 4" magnetrons. Three magnetrons can be used for DC sputtering and one for RF. The substrate carriers can be cooled or heated as well as RF-biased. Process gases are Argon, Nitrogen and Oxygen. Substrate size maximum 4”. Pumping is done by turbomolecular pumps in both main and load-lock chambers, the base pressure of the main chamber is 5*10E-8 mbar. Standard materials are Au, Ti, Si and Ta, and reactive sputtering of SiO2, Si3N4, TaN and TiN can be done. Nb and Al targets are also available, but not normally used.

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Sputter - Balzers
Processlab 1
Thin film deposition
PLS 550
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4 hours
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4 hours
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