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Tool #416 Ion Beam Milling System - Oxford Ionfab 300 Plus

The Oxford Ionfab 300 Plus Ion Beam System is your tool-of-choice for inert ion milling with SIMS endpoint detection.

The Oxford Ionfab 300 Plus, Ion Beam Etch System, is equipped with an automatic load-lock, ensuring high throughput and low base pressure. The specimen holder has a continuous rotation function and can be tilted for directional etching at oblique angles. An electron emitter ensures neutral ion beam space charge. The tool also has an alternative small sample specimen holder with continuous rotation, fixed tilt angle (~ 20°) and LN2 cooling. This specimen holder can’t use the load lock.


Beam current:
1-150 mA, Range depend on beam diameter and choice of grids.

Beam voltage:
200-1500 V


Base pressure:
~ 2x10-7 mbar

Process pressure:
> 8x10-5 mbar

Wafer size:
100mm, or pieces attached (with tape or clamps) to a 100mm transfer wafer

Beam diameter:
150 mm or reduced beam diameter using a selection of apertures.

Funded by: Knut and Alice Wallenbergs foundation.

Tool name:
Dry etch IBE - Oxford Ionfab 300 Plus
Processlab 1
Dry etching
Ionfab 300 Plus
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12 hours
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12 hours
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