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The KLA Tencor P-15 is a robust, programmable stylus profiler system that provides 2D and 3D topographic measurements on a variety of surfaces. The P-15 is capable of automatically detecting and analyzing features, provide CMP dishing and erosion data, and compute stress, roughness and waviness on surfaces up to 200 mm in scan length. It is ideal for step height, CMP, MEMS and metals metrology. * 7.5Å or 0.1% repeatability with sub-angstrom bit-wise vertical resolution. * Provides 2D and 3D surface topography metrology up to 4 million data points. * Enables process control and analysis of features below 10 nm up to 1 mm in height. * Capable of measuring soft surfaces such as gold, photoresist, and copper. * Easy-to-use graphical interface with intelligent algorithms providing automatic feature analysis.

Funded by: Knut and Alice Wallenbergs foundation.

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Surface profiler - Tencor P15
Processlab 1
KLA Tencor
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