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Tool #452 - Lesker #2 - is a general purpose, multi-material evaporator designed for up to 150 mm wafers. It has a 12-pocket e-gun, and this is normally loaded with Ti, Cr, Al, Ag, Au, Pd, Cu, Ni, Fe, Co and Al2O3 (for current materials, please see the booking page and/or the logbook). The sample holder is tiltable +/-45 degrees and and is also equipped with indexable rotation. An ion gun for Ar ion sample precleaning is available, and there is also an oxygen inlet to oxidize the films after deposition.

The system is fully computer controlled, and the cryopump gives a base pressure <10E-7 Torr/mbar. Typical pumpdown time to the recommended evaporation pressure 5E10-7 Torr is 90-120 min. 

Tool name:
Evaporator - Lesker PVD 225 #2
Processlab 1
Thin film deposition
PVD 225
Max booking time, day:
5 hours
Max booking time, night:
14 hours
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