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Tool #400 – FHR MS 150 Sputter A computer controlled sputter down tool for substrates up to 150 mm, equipped with load-lock and five 200 mm magnetron sputter cathodes. Three of the magnetrons can be used for DC sputtering and two for RF, and the substrate carriers can be cooled or heated (to around 300 C) as well as RF-biased. The tool is equipped with optical spectrometer and an advanced gas flow control system for reactive sputtering control. Process gases are Argon, Nitrogen and Oxygen. Pumping is done by turbomolecular pumps in both main and load-lock chambers, the base pressure of the main chamber is <5*10E-7 mbar.

Standard materials are Au, Ti and Al in the DC sources and Si in one of the RF sources. With these you can deposit pure materials as well as reactive sputtering of TiO2, TiN, SiO2, Si3N4 and AlN. Ta, Hf and Al targets are also available for the second RF source (source 3), and you can see in the booking view which source is installed. These make it possible to deposit Ta2O5, HfO2 and Al2O3 as well as nitrides, although the nitride processes are not established. Changing of the target in source 3 will be done on reqest, after consulting with the users of the installed target.

Funded by: Knut and Alice Wallenbergs foundation.

Tool name:
Sputter - FHR
Processlab 1
Thin film deposition
Tool rate:
Low: 910 SEK
Medium: 1600 SEK
High: 2000 SEK


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