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Cleanroom Access

To gain access to the cleanroom you need to join in on a "Cleanroom Introduction course" session and a "Start-up meeting" session. The "Chemical Introduction Course" session is required if you want to use chemicals within the cleanroom areas.

Please apply for access as soon as possible if you know you want to attend as the dates are tentative, if no users, or just a few, has applied for access then the session might be put on hold until next month.

Upcoming course dates:

December: Most likely not available (to be decided later). No introduction or chemical course

January: Introduction course on Wednesday 10th, 09:00-15:00 in Direktorn (D209). Chemical introduction will be the 17th, 09:00-15:00. Please sign up in LIMS ("apply for access") and you will be contacted 1 week before the session.

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If you have technical problems or questions about Myfab LIMS please contact:
Peter Modh on 031-7721605 or by mail: peter.modh @ chalmers.se