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The EZS-3G 12/600B is a split-tube furnace that comprises a furnace body which is hinged and split into two halves along its length.The split tube furnace is specifically designed to provide a temperature gradient along the length of the heated zones.

The 3-zone EZS-3G furnace includes 75 mm long unheated zone barriers between the three 150 mm heated zones. Each heated zone has its own temperature controller and thermocouple.

Typical Heating rate: 10°C/min and cooling rate 4°C/min. Two gas types are used: argon and argon/5% H2 mixture. A  mechanical pump is connected to the tube using NW25 vacuum fitting. A turbo pump can optionally be connected for applciations that require higher vacuum.

Maximum working temperature range is 600 C to 1200 C.Temperature stability is Better than 1.0 C under steady state conditions.

The furnace is fitted with a horizontal quartz tube with 60 mm inner diameter. 



Tool name:
CVD - Carbolite - 2D materials
Processlab 2
Thin film deposition
EZS-3G 12/600B 1200C
Tool rate:
Low: 125 SEK
Medium: 250 SEK
High: 370 SEK


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