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This tool is a digital projector (1920x1080) which can expose a pixel image into photoresist through a microscope objective. The exposure wavelength is 435nm, suitable for standard photoresists such as S1813.

We currently have the following objectives: 1X, 2.5X, 5X and 10X.

The following exposure and pixel sizes will apply:

The tool has a motor stage, and it can stitch several fields into one single pattern, however the stitching accuracy is not great. The stage reprodicibility is in the order of 2 um.

Overlay alignment is possible, you can see the existing pattern together with the pattern you will expose in the same camera image.

The tool is quite flexible and you can get a pattern on your chip quickly.

A very strong point is the large depth of focus, which allows good lithography over highly topographic samples.

Tool name:
Maskless lithography - SmartPrint
Processlab 2
Microlight 3D
Tool rate:
Low: 345 SEK
Medium: 630 SEK
High: 750 SEK

1813 photoresist on Silicon, 0.7 seconds for the 10X objective.


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