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Intended for direct laser writing of photo resist on substrates, using a single source laser with multiple writing modes.

Writing Laser type: Diode laser, 405 nm

Optical focusing laser: 680nm

Max. substrate thickness: 9mm

Substrate sizes: 5X5mm up to 9X9"

Focal length, write mode 2: 4mm

Focus depth, write mode 2: 1.8 um

Max topographical height: 100 micron (piezo travel range=plus/minus 50 micron)

Typical distance between nozzle and substrate when in focus: 100 micron

Auto or manual alignment (global and field alignment)

Auto focus (optical or air pressure focus setting)

Write speed mode 2: 110 mm2/min

Stripe width mode 1: 800 pixels, 80 um spot size=100 nm

Stripe width mode 2: 800 pixels, 160 um spot size=200 nm

Design formats supported: GDSII, CIF, DXF and Gerber

Write Mode II:
Minimum structure size [µm] 0.7
Address grid [nm] 10
Edge roughness [3s, nm]  70
CD uniformity [3s, nm] 80

Stitching limit (X and Y): [3s, nm] 80
Alignment measurement accuracy [3s, nm]  70
Overlay accuracy [3, nm] 200
Write speed [mm2/minute] with “Diode Laser (405nm)” 110

Safe chip dimension for pneumatic focus: 10X10mm

Order of rotation/scaling in the conversion software:

Rotation is made first, then scaling

Tool name:
Laser writer - DWL 2000
Processlab 1
Heidelberg Instruments
DWL 2000
Tool rate:
Low: 580 SEK
Medium: 1000 SEK
High: 1250 SEK


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