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The Dimension Icon Atomic Force Microscope is a versatile advanced closed-loop SPM system with the highest resolution and lowest noise levels available. The stage is made in low thermal expansion coefficient invar alloy. That in combination with temperature-compensating position sensors, render noise levels in the sub-angstroms range for the Z-axis, and angstroms in X-Y. This is extraordinary performance in a large-sample (up to 200 mm wafer), 90-micron scan range system, surpassing the noise performance of most open-loop, high-resolution SPMs.

The system has been upgraded in September 2021 with newest version of Dimension 6 controller, providing full 64-bit compatible FPGA for faster data aquisition, 8x20 bit ADC avoiding bit noise, enhanced signal-to-noise in Tapping Mode, PFM and Contact Resonance improved signal-to-noise at high frequencies allowing detection at small signals, 5x lower deflection noise in thermal tune. 

Some of the new features in the Icon system compared with older Dimension systems are:

  • ScanAsyst brings brings ease of use, performance, functionality, and SPM accessibility to nanoscale researchers
  • Proprietary sensor design achieves closed-loop performance with open-loop noise levels for the highest resolution ever on a large-sample SPM
  • New-design XYZ closed-loop head delivers higher scan speed, without loss of image quality, enabling greater throughput for data collection
  • Latest version of NanoScope software offers an intuitive workflow and default experiment modes that simplifies advanced SPM processes by using preconfigured settings
  • High-resolution camera and X-Y positioning permit faster, more efficient sample navigation
  • Wide-open access to the tip and sample accommodates a large variety of standard and customized experiments
  • Y scan range, Z range: 90µm x 90µm, 10µm in imaging and force curve modes 
  • Vertical noise floor, xy position noise: <30 pm rms imaging bw (625 hz), 0.15 nm rms imaging bw (625 hz) in closed-loop; 0.10 nm rms imaging bw (625 hz) in open-loop
  • Max image pixel size: 5120 x 5120
  • Max sample size: At least 200 mm wafers. With som difficulties even larger
  • The Icon system at MC2 is today set up for the following modes and experiments:
    • Contact Mode
    • Electrostatic Force Microscopy (EFM)
    • Force Modulation Microscopy (FMM)
    • Force Volume Force-Distance Measurements
    • HarmoniX Imaging Mode
    • Lateral Force Microscopy (LFM)
    • Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM)
    • Nanoindenting/Scratching
    • Nano lithography
    • PhaseImaging
    • Tapping mode
    • Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM)
    • Torsion Resonance Mode (TRmode)
    • Torsional Resonance
    • Conductive AFM (C-AFM)
    • Tunneling AFM (TR TUNA)
    • Tunneling AFM (TUNA)

Funded by: Knut and Alice Wallenbergs foundation.

Tool name:
SPM - Bruker Dimension ICON
Processlab 1
Dimension ICON
Tool rate:
Low: 580 SEK
Medium: 1000 SEK
High: 1250 SEK


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