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Wet bench for solvent work and megasonic bath. Users are allowed to use the bench area without booking it, but the megasonic bath is mandatory booking. If someone comes and have booked the megasonic bath, other users must relocate their work if needed.

The bath should always be filled with DI water as standard. It is connected to the acid drain, so it can be used for simple SC1/2 cleaning as well (seprarate training). Solvent based chemicals can only be filled up in glass beakers positioned in the water bath. 10 programmes are pre setup in the controller, with 5 at RT and 5 at 65 °C. It takes about 30 min to heat up bath from RT to 70 °C.

Tool name:
Wet Bench - Solvent - Megasonic bath
Processlab 1
Wet processing
Wet bench
Tool rate:
Low: 125 SEK
Medium: 250 SEK
High: 370 SEK


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