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The Woollam M2000 is a variable angle multi wavelength spectroscopic ellipsometer. It can be used for measuring thicknesses and optical constants of single and multilayer films. Measurements can be done at several incidence angles. It has a Si CCD parallel detector with a spectral range of 245 to 1000 nm (470 wavelengths). The goniometer and the sample translation are both automated for fast and accurate data acquisition.
The WVASE32 software is a comprehensive program for data acquisition and it combines mathematical fitting algorithms with a large selection of modeling options for fast and accurate data analysis

Measurement functions:

  • Measurement of film thickness (sub-nm to >10µm) and optical constants
  • Measurement of transmittance and reflectance
  • Measurement of the anisotropic reflection and transmission components AnE, Aps, Asp
  • Measurement of the complete Jones matrix
  • Measurement of depolarisation and Mueller matrix
  • Large library of material optical constants
  • Large variety of dispersion models to describe new material optical constants
  • Can anayse uniaxial anisotropy, biaxial anisotropy with absorbing and non-absorbing materials, determination of Euler angles
  • Parameterized modeling with interactive general oscillator models, which allows combining all kinds of oscillators
  • Global fit: to automize the search of the right start value of fit parameters
  • Measurement of backside reflection data type Eb
  • Measurement from reverse side data typr Er
  • Simultaneous fit of psi, delta, T, R, Eb, Er, etc.
  • Non-ideal options such as thickness-non-uniformity, bandwidth correction and angular spread
  • Statistical information such as parameter correlation matrix and 90% confidence limits
  • Simultaneous fit of different data types: psi, delta, R, T, depolarisation, Mueller matrix of different angles of incidence
  • Graded optical constants (n & k vary through the film)
  • Surface and interfacial roughness

Funded by: Knut and Alice Wallenbergs foundation.

Tool name:
Ellipsometer - J.A. Woollam M2000
Processlab 1
J.A. Woollam
Tool rate:
Low: 580 SEK
Medium: 1000 SEK
High: 1250 SEK


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