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Compulsory Safety Update Seminars on 12th and 20th March in Kollektorn lecture hall.
We are now introducing a new requirement for being an active user of the NFL! Every user should beside the regular Cleanroom introduction course also regularly be updated on important safety information. This information will be presented at special "Safety update" seminars, which is compulsory to attend to keep the cleanroom access. Each user must participate in these seminars at least once every 2nd year.
At this moment all active NFL users who have started at NFL and participated in the Introduction course before 2016 will be contacted to join one of the 2 planned seminars to take place on Monday 12th March and Tuesday 20th March in Kollektorn. Please sign up in the Doodle;  https://doodle.com/poll/i9brsuvf7cc96kfg
For more information contact Ulf Södervall or Mattias Fredriksson.

Cleanroom Introduction Course
You need the "Cleanroom Introduction and Safety course" to be able to enter the cleanroom and to get access to the LIMS booking system. Upcoming course dates :
Tuesday 27th February
Tuesday 10th April
Find more information here


If you have technical problems or questions about Myfab LIMS please contact:
Peter Modh on 031-7721605 or by mail: peter.modh @ chalmers.se
Göran Alestig on 031-7728496 or by mail: goran.alestig @ chalmers.se